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What is the approximate price range of corporate brochures?
  • By Rani Jarkas
  • 2024-05-10 14:22:30

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What is the approximate price range of corporate brochures? Brochures can play a good role in promoting and displaying enterprises, so many companies are also happy to do it. However, making this brochure definitely requires costs and expenses, so customers have always been concerned about the cost issues. Since there is no unified price for the production of brochures in the arena, some companies quote very high prices, while some companies quote very low prices, which leads to customers not knowing where the price range is. So today I will introduce the price situation to you.

There are many factors affecting the quotation of corporate brochures. Many companies quote according to how much money per page when quoting. The price of designing and making a page may be between 300 yuan and 500 yuan. This is just the ordinary price. If it is some high-end pages, the price of making a page may reach 500 yuan to 800 yuan or more. There are also some very simple pages. The price of making a page is about 50 yuan to 100 yuan. It can be seen that this quotation is really confusing. Many customers said that they don’t know who to listen to.

In this case, customers can find more companies, especially some well-known companies in the industry. The quotations of these companies are often closer to the real market price, because such companies have been developing in the industry for a long time and have a very mature production system and quotation system, so the quoted price will be more reasonable and fair. If the customer is really worried about the price, you can also calculate the cost yourself. For example, if you want to make such a brochure, you need to design it, so there is the cost of design, and you need paper, so you need the cost of paper, and printing and plate making also need costs, and the final binding and cutting also need costs. Then add these costs together, and the approximate cost can be estimated, and then you can find a design company with a more reasonable quotation in the market based on this cost.

The problem of the quotation of corporate brochures is briefly introduced here. At present, various types of design companies in the market are making brochures, and the level of design is also good and bad. The high quotation can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and the low quotation can be hundreds or thousands of yuan.

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